Hello and welcome to Westcoast AOR, here I will make another attempt to drive a site about this amazing music like me and so many others like.

Welcome to Westcoast AOR

You are welcome to comment on the posts that come on the site and you are welcome to contribute reviews of music that you like, send your review via the contact form on the site. I hope you will appreciate this site and gladly share it on your social media so that it gets the spread it deserves. I would be very happy if you would like to share this page and the music I love for others.

Short Story of my life

The year was 1978 and I bought Toto’s first album. Since then I have been stuck for this kind of music. Well-produced music that doesn’t sound like anything else. Ever since the years have passed, I have realized that good music is good music and without determining the genre.

What is Westcoast AOR

Westcoast is not a specific genre and are something who’s listening to this kind of music to determine. AOR is for me also well-produced but perhaps slightly harder than Westcoast. Both Westcoast and AOR are in my ears wonderful music.

//Bengt Isaksson owner and founder of Westcoast AOR